CEO & Founder Tyrre Burks has always operated with his vision of creating a world of love, safety, and acceptance at the forefront of everything he does. Players Health was inspired by this vision and making a positive impact has always been foundational to our company. Since our first days in business, giving back to the community has simply been part of what we do.

In 2022, we officially launched the Players Health Foundation, which was created to give back to young athletes and youth sports organizations in the communities we serve. We at Players Health believe all children should have the opportunity to participate in sports and to experience the multitude of benefits sports participation offers throughout their lives.

The Players Health Foundation

The Players Health Foundation provides various types of support to create safe and accessible environments for kids to play the sports they love, from financial and equipment assistance to education and training to special events and more.
Making a positive Impact is foundational to Players Health

We began with:

  • Injury Management (influenced by our personal experiences)

  • Abuse Incident Reporting (motivated by incidents within USA Gymnastics)

  • Players Health Foundation

  • Players Health Summits

  • Building an organization that is authentic about its mission

About the Foundation

About the Foundation
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Promotions, Campaigns, Events
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Legal Disclaimers
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Foundation Events & Initiatives

Our Foundation work is just getting started, and we are excited about the possibilities! Check back regularly to see what’s happening with the Foundation. Soon, you might just see a Players Health outreach event in your community!


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