Why Athlete Safety?

Young athletes need you to be their advocates and stand up for their best interests.

The Players Health Athlete Safety Suite

When it comes to making sports a great experience for kids, parents, guardians, coaches, and Players Health are all on the same team.
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Athlete Safety Products

Our suite of Athlete Safety products and services goes hand-in-hand with our Insurance offerings to protect your youth and amateur athletes, fitness club members, and student athletes.
Youth & Amateur Sports
Let us help you protect the athletes in your youth and amateur sports organizations, teams, leagues, and clubs.
Our insurance and risk management products are ideal for your fitness franchise, gym, box, club, or studio.
Brokers & Agents
We’re here to help you find the best insurance and risk management policies for your clients.
Kids who participate in school-sponsored sports programs need protection, too.

Athlete Safety & Advisory Services

Safety Assessment & Score
Not sure where to start? We can provide you with a Players Health Safety Score to help you determine what steps are needed to create the safest environment possible for your athletes.
Education & Training
Keep your coaches and volunteers up-to-date on current topics, policies and procedures, and what to do if an incident occurs.
Athlete Safety Advisory
Our experts will guide you in developing the policies, procedures, and documentation needed to protect your athletes and organization.
Compliance Services
Ensure that your coaching staff is properly trained, background checked, and prepared to be on the field with your athletes.
Incident Reporting & Investigations
Unfortunately, incidents do occur. Our reporting platform is here to help you manage incidents from report to resolution.
Injury Management Platform
Inevitably, injuries will happen. Ensure that they are managed correctly, and athletes don’t return to play until it is safe to do so.


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