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Our industry leading insurance platform combines intelligent data driven athlete safety programs with insurance to ensure that your organization is getting the best price possible, and kids are getting the best sports experience possible.

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  • Athlete safety products included with most policies

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Insurance Products

When it comes to making sports a great experience for kids, parents, coaches and guardians are all on the same team.
General Liability
It’s 2023. Is your league still insuring itself like it’s 1997?
Hired/Non-Owned Auto
Driving your athletes with borrowed or leased vehicles? Make sure you're covered.
Equipment & Property
Protect your movable tools and equipment wherever they are stored, and cover repair or replacement if they are lost, damaged, or stolen.
Directors & Officers Coverage
Assurance that the game can still go on.
Sexual Abuse Liability
An unfortunate reality in youth sports that we're working to eliminate. Make sure you're covered.
Athlete Medical Coverage
They love the game. Let’s make sure the game loves them back.

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Athlete Safety

Why Athlete Safety

Players Health is the only sports-centric insurance provider that also provides a full suite of athlete safety tools, services, and resources. Our athlete safety products, platforms, and services include:

  • Coaching and Staff Credentialing & Administrative Platform

  • Background Checks, Adjudication & Adverse Action

  • Education and Training

  • Incident Reporting & Investigative Services

  • Injury Management

  • Athlete Safety Advisory Services

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Athlete Safety Products

When it comes to making sports a great experience for kids, parents, guardians, coaches, and Players Health are all on the same team.
Youth & Amateur Sports
There's no place for hazing, bullying, and other forms of abuse in youth sports.
Our insurance and risk management products are ideal for your fitness franchise, gym, box, club, or studio.
Kids who participate in school-sponsored sports programs need protection, too.

Financial Services


Business Banking with Sports Administrators in Mind. Designed to simplify the financial management aspect of sports organizations, our banking solutions include physical and virtual debit cards, cash management accounts, and sub-account functionality, and are ideal for fitness franchisees and other sports- and fitness-related organizations.

  • Say goodbye to bank fees

  • Store business deposits securely - $50 minimum balance required

  • Reach our live support via phone or chat

  • Easily send unlimited ACH and wires

Necessary credentials sports organizations
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Financial Services

Remove the administrative burden of running a sports organization. Streamline your entire back office with our one-stop-shop solution.
Players Health Back
Office Solutions
Bring Youth Sports into the modern day with small business operations and financial tools, including payroll services and SMB loans.
Further Reduce
the Financial Burden
Open the door for sports orgs to purchase their team issued gear, hold their fields, & fund their cost of doing business prior to receiving their registration fees.
Increase Access to Sports
The final state. Allow parents to register their kids for sports, buy their gear, and pay over the course of the season.

Employee Benefits

Your employees are the heart and soul of your organization, and you want to take care of them the way they take care of your athletes, members, and students. Players Health offers a full suite of employee benefits products, including:
Best-in-class medical insurance for your employees.
Dental coverage is available from an expansive network of providers.
Take care of your eyes with our vision coverage.
Your employees can select life insurance for themselves and their immediate families.
Short & Long-Term Disability
Coverage for unexpected or longer duration medical absences.
Invest in your future with our 401K retirement offering.

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