We’re always looking for innovative and talented individuals to join us on our mission to create the safest and most accessible environments possible for athletes to play the sports they love.

Our Core Values

At Players Health, we believe people prosper when valued.  Our core values drive our company’s culture, decision making, and business direction.
Our Mission
To create the safest
and most accessible
environments for
athletes to play the
sports they love.
Communication and connection lay the foundation. We accomplish more
Hard Work
Try. Fail. Try again.
Hard work and
persistence lead
us to success.
We lead with humility
to create positive and
environments amongst
our team members.
We believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
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Where We Work.

We are a remote-first company with our main headquarters office located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We have OVER 70 employees

Across 3 Countries

And 14 States

Our People

We believe in order to fully live out our company’s mission, our people need to identify where they want to make a difference in their own lives, unrelated to work. That’s why every employee at Players Health has their own personal mission statement. Here are some examples.
Product Team Leader
As a servant leader armed with a willingness to fail spectacularly, I leverage honesty, empathy, and optimism to throw myself at big, fundamental challenges in pursuit of lifting up those around me.
Senior Leader
As a mother, coach, and athlete, I strive to empower young females to be great through compassion, organization, and hard work.
Product Team Leader
As a citizen of this beautiful planet, my mission in life is to be passionately curious, genuinely try to make life better for maximum number of people, and be kind, respectful, and grateful to my fellow citizens.

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