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Mike Q.
Took PH Abuse Prevention Training
I have taken several similar trainings over the years coaching multiple sports for my two kids and this was by far the best. The length was good, the slides with summaries interspersed within the videos were great. The points were clear. And the presenters were great. Good job!
John H.
Took PH Abuse Prevention Training
I have taken similar trainings with other sports organizations. I thought this training was very well done and you can sense the passion and commitment of the program’s founders.
Brad L.
Took PH Abuse Prevention Training
This is a fantastic course. It’s communicated in a great way, not too long, with a couple good personal stories. I think all parents and coaches would benefit from taking this course.
Lynette B.
Took PH Abuse Prevention Training
This course allowed me to open my eyes to things that could be happening around me. It also allowed me to stick more to positive atmosphere while coaching.
Cliff B.
Took PH Abuse Prevention Training
I thought it was professional and engaging. The website functioned well. It made for an easy user experience, which is so often not the case when it comes to coach training sites. Thank you!
Jennifer M.
Took PH Abuse Prevention Training
As a parent, this training gave me excellent talking points for my girls as they grow up. Especially the tips on “if a coach texts you independently do not respond[...]” That was very helpful for the scary future when my girls get cellphones.
Johnny B.
Took PH Abuse Prevention Training
It really opened my eyes up to several areas that I really wasn’t aware of and I’ve coached and umpired for 30 years.
Martin B.
Took PH Abuse Prevention Training
Very well put together and articulated, easily the best and most useful course on this topic I’ve ever taken. Thank you!
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